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Fundraiser Requests

Fundraiser Form Instructions

The request must be completed and submitted to DFMWR 30 days prior to the fundraising event. If submitted less than 30 days prior, the event may not be approved.

Forms should be returned to NAF Support Management Division, Bldg 5700 Room 310.

To complete the form:

  1. Please provide your unit information, family readiness group information, or private organization name.
  2. What kind of event are you trying to hold? i.e. car wash, cookie sales, popcorn sales, donation giveaway, etc.
    NOTE: If you are having a donation giveaway, please annotate what the item is that will be given away on this same line. Example (Item: Xbox)
    • If fundraiser involves food, a food handlers card must be submitted with the fundraiser request form.

  3. Please provide the date and time of your event. The application may not contain dates for multiple events.  However, the application can have multiple dates for the same event.  Example of compliant is a seasonal event held over a range of days, i.e. gift wrapping (December 12-14). Example of non-compliant is scheduling separate car washes on one application (May 15, June 20, etc.).
  4. Where do you plan on having this event? Are you having it at multiple sites? List the locations where you plan to raise your funds here. It is your responsibility to coordinate approval with the manager of a facility prior to submitting your request. Please obtain the printed name, signature, and phone number from the locations’ management/commander on the supplemental lines provided. Please attach additional approvals on a separate sheet of paper.
  5. Please provide a fee or donation amount that your organization will be accepting during the event.
  6. If your event will require military or logistical support, please attach a separate page explaining your intent and the support you would like to request.
  7. All SFRGs and Informal Unit Funds must provide a copy of their SOP with their fundraiser.

** If you need further assistance, please contact the DFMWR office at 334-255-9331.

Acknowledgement of special statements section:

Please read each statement and initial that you understand and will comply with the statement.

Please list a good point of contact for your event. The person that is listed here is the one that will be contacted by the DFMWR office with regards to the request.

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