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Post Solicitation

Appointments Recommended

The Post Solicitation Office is responsible for the oversight of business conducted on the Fort Novosel installation, private organizations, and the coordination of on-post fundraising. Solicitation permits may be issued for individuals conducting business on-post including, but not limited to, Insurance Agents, Financial Representatives, Photographers, Domestic Cleaning Companies, and Home Based Businesses such as Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, and Scentsy. If your permit has expired, a new application packet must be submitted for legal review and the Garrison Commander's Approval. Solicitation appointments are scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays. Please provide a current copy of your state business license at the time of application for your solicitation permit.

For an updated list of Fort Novosel solicitors, please contact +1 (334)255-9331.

Military and DA Civilian Applicant - Supplemental Application Guidance

Any Soldier or DA civilian who desires to engage in outside employment will submit a request in writing by informal memorandum in accordance with USAACE Regulation 600-01 through their chain of command in addition to their application for a solicitation permit. An example of the required memorandum can be found in USAACE Regulation 600-01 at Appendix A.

Alabama Business Privilege License - Supplemental Application Guidance

Solicitation Application Packet Checklist

A separate application is needed for each business.

Please read the army regulation governing personal commercial solicitation on army installations.

Please use this link to access the Army regulation:

Additional Packet Requirements

  • If you live on Fort Novosel, please get their approval on the "USAG Housing Manager" coordination line of the application.
  • All applicants need approval on the "Installation Safety" coordination of the application.
  • If a business license is required for your industry, please include a copy of your Alabama business privilege license(s). To check the requirements for your business industry, please call the county probate office associated with your business’s physical address.

Common contact numbers:

Coffee County: +1 (334)347-2688 or +1 (334)897-2211

Dale County: +1 (334)774-2754

Houston County: +1 (334)677-4719

  • If you are Active Duty military or a DoD Employee, please include an outside employment approval memo. Guidance can be found in USAACE Regulation 600-01 and an example is provided in Appendix A of that regulation.

Please use this link to access outside employment guidance:


Fort Novosel Resident - Supplemental Solicitation Guidance

Any applicant residing on Fort Novosel who desires to engage in solicitation will submit a request in writing by informal memorandum addressed to Corvias with their application for a solicitation permit.

An example of the required memorandum can be found at:

Corvias Memo Supplement Example (Fort Novosel Resident Applicant – Corvias Memo Supplement)

Solicitation on the installation

Please be aware of the following with regards to solicitation on the installation:

  • Please provide a copy of your state business license at the time of initial application or renewal of your solicitation application.
  • A permit (Fort Novosel Form 1935-E) must be issued to conduct business on the installation.
  • The permit does not allow door-to-door solicitation.
  • All business must be conducted by specific appointment only and appointments must not be during duty hours.
  • The salesperson(s) should present a solicitation evaluation “DD Form 2885” to the customer at the appointment.
  • Solicitation may not be conducted in mass, group, or captive audiences.
  • Agents may not distribute literature on the installation, except to the person that they have a scheduled appointment with. This includes the distribution of flyers and business cards unless specifically requested by a client from the sales representative.
  • Agents may contact prospective clients initially by methods such as advertising, direct mail, and telephone.
  • Commercial insurance agents are not authorized to give financial planning briefings during military sponsored events.
  • Agents are prohibited from having allotment forms in their possession and/or assist in the administrative processing of these forms.
  • Personnel in pay grades E1, E2, and E3 are required to be counseled by the commander or designated individual using DA Form 2056, Commercial Insurance Solicitation Record, prior to purchasing insurance. These Soldiers are required to wait seven days from initial counseling before an allotment form is signed and submitted to finance for processing.
  • Commanders should have designated areas assigned for agents to meet with soldiers who live in the barracks. Agents are not authorized in individual rooms.
  • Home address of members of the command or unit will not be given to commercial enterprises, or individual agents.
  • DOD personnel will not act in any official or business capacity,  either directly or indirectly, as liaison with agents to arrange appointments.
  • The Department of the Army does not endorse any company or products offered on the installation.