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About Us

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Our Services

From hooting and hollering in the stands, to setting and accomplishing goals, in sports there is something for everyone.  We offer a homeschool physical education program, team sports, and individual sports.  We serve active duty, DoD civilians, retirees, children, and youth. 

Our organization heavily relies on volunteers to accomplish our mission.   As a program reliant on volunteers, our coaches play a pivotal role, and without their invaluable contributions our seasons are simply not possible.

At YSF, we provide our volunteer coaches with free training and the necessary tools to be a successful coach! All of our coaches and program managers are National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) accredited.  NAYS helps our program by educating, equipping, and empowering our volunteers and parents so all children can enjoy the benefits of sports and thrive beyond them.


As a NAYS Member Organization, the Fort Novosel YSF has access to: 

  • Trainings for coaches, parents, league directors and officials.
  • Tools and resources to improve our youth sports programs.
  • NAYS unique Coach Rating system to evaluate coaches.
  • Volunteer accountability in accordance with the NAYS Code of Ethics.

For more information about the National Alliance for Youth Sports, visit NAYS | National Alliance for Youth Sports

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We offer a wide variety of services to children of all skill levels and abilities, ages 2 to 18 years old:

  • Basketball
  • Mini soccer
  • Soccer
  • T-Ball
  • Softball
  • Track and Field
  • Ready, Set, Run
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • PE Homeschool (for ages 6-18)
  • Sport Camps
  • START Smart: Soccer and Basketball (Development Program)
  • Indoor Gym

Sport seasons are subjected to change or can be removed based on inclement weather or the availability of volunteer coaches.

Contact Parent Central Services (PCS) to register all children and youth for our programs.

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Registration & Coach Evaluation

Interested in one of our programs?  Children and Youth that are currently registered in CYS Services can be enrolled in Sports & Fitness programs using WebTrac. Pre-registration and a current Health Assessment/Sports Physical and flu Vaccination/Waiver is required for Sports & Fitness programs. 

Contact Parent Central Services for all of your registration needs.

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How to Register for YSF Programs (New and Returning members):

  1. PRE-REGISTER: sign-up online using WebTrac. (new members)
  2. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Contact PCS to complete the registration process (new & returning members)
  3. Please bring the necessary documents: like a current sports physical/health assessment, flu vaccination/waiver, etc. (Call PCS for more information or questions).
  4. Inform PCS if you want to be a volunteer coach: Discounts will be applied during the selected season to all Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches (Call PCS for discount details).

Note: If transferring from another installation, please contact PCS for more information.



LOCATED: BLDG. 8946 7th Avenue Fort Novosel, AL 36362

Temporary Located: Child Development Center BLDG. 8938

Temporary Number: (334) 255-1530/ 9531


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Rating Your Coach

On the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) website, parents have the opportunity to evaluate (rate) coaches.  To rate a coach, parents must have the coach’s email address or NAYS ID number. 


1.      Register as “General User”

2.      Go to “My Account”

3.      Under “Coach Rating”, select “Rate My Coach”

4.      Insert coach’s: email address OR NAYS ID #

5.      Select “Rate this Coach”

6.      Answer the questions and submit

NAYS MEMBERS… Click “Rate your coach” below, log into NAYS account, and follow steps 4-6.



Volunteer Coaching


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We love our sports, but building relationships and supporting children, youth, and volunteer coaches is really the core of our work. 

We rely on dedicated volunteers to support our children and youth as they explore their sport interests and passions.  

Whether you have a love for the game or are a parent interested in making memories with your child, our program can help!


Be a Volunteer Coach

YSF is always looking for new and enthusiastic volunteer coaches to help with the current sports season and seasons beyond! Volunteer coaches help young athletes learn the basic fundamentals of each sport through fun drills, practices, and games.

YSF provides coaches with background checks, coaching clinics, First Aid/CPR/AED certification, and other training needed to support the children and youth in our community.  Check out our helpful resources and form section for forms, links, and apps designed to take the stress out of coaching. 


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Part 1: Background 


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Training & Volunteer Hours

 YSF offers coaches many opportunities to develop their coaching skills. Through FREE clinics and trainings coaches learn life-saving measures, sports safety, tips for coaching youth, how to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies, and how to safeguard children and youth from various forms of abuse. New and Returning coaches can also track their volunteer hours throughout the season.

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Annual Trainings (TAB 4).png

Click Below to Annual Training

 1. Child Abuse and Prevention Schedule 

2. NAYS Mental Health Challenges

3. NAYS Concussion

4. CYS Policies (Discipline, Touch, Privacy, Confidentiality, Statement of Understanding)

Helpful Resources & Forms



Volunteer Coaches

We encourage our coaches to utilize FREE innovative apps like MOJO.  This “coach-in-a-box” can make coaching youth sports fun and simple!

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Returning Coaches: Annual Training

  • Child Abuse and Prevention Training Schedule
  • NAYS Mental Health Challenges (See Above)
  • NAYS Concussion (See Above)
  • CYS Policies 5 Forms: Statement of Understanding, Touch Policy, Discipline, Privacy, and Confidentially (See Above)

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Sport Calendar

Sports are exciting and fun! Beyond scoring a bucket or goal they are also a great place for young athletes to learn values like teamwork, fair play, and good sportsmanship. YSF offers a variety of sports throughout the year so come check us out!YSF Spring Sports Calendar 2024_black.jpg

*Dates subject to change*

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Special Events


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Indoor Gym

YSF offers an indoor gym just for our children and youth! Must be a CYS member to enjoy access to our facility. Children and youth under the age of 13 must come with a parent or guardian.  A risk assessment is required.

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Or Click here

Indoor Gym Hours of Operation

During non-sports season 3:00pm - 6:00pm

During sports season 3:00pm- 5:00pm


Inside BLDG 8950 7th Avenue

Novosel YSF Hall of Fame

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration, Programs, and Sport Season

  • Where do I register my kid for sports?

Use Webtrac to register your children and youth for all YSF sports. Then set up an appointment with Parent Central Services to complete your registration.  PCS #334.255.1530 9531

  • What days and times are practices and games typically held?

Practices and games are held Monday through Thursday between 1700 – 1900. Younger age groups typically practice in the early slots.

  • Can I register in advance for upcoming sports?

Registration opens a month prior to the start of the desired sport.  Please see the sports calendar for registration dates. 

  • What do I do if the system won’t let me register my child for a sport?

If WebTrac is not allowing you to register online (non-technological issue), that means that we need a volunteer coach for that age group/sport.  Our sport seasons depend heavily on volunteer coaches. 

For all Webtrac registration technological issues please contact PCS. 

  • I have registered my child, now what?

After you register your child, please begin to gather the appropriate equipment for their specific sport season. In the meantime, YSF will be creating teams, ordering uniforms, and meeting with your coaches (remember your coach is your main point of contact during the season).

Please see “following registration” under the registration tab for more helpful information. If you have any concerns, please contact YSF.

  • What does my child(ren) need for their sport?

Please see “Sports Gear” under the Sport Calendar tab for this information.

  • My child has special needs, can they participate in sports?

We strive to provide an environment that cultivates growth for youth of all abilities and skill levels.  Please be sure to inform PCS of their special needs so that the proper documentation can be completed and submitted.  

  • Do parents have to attend practices and games?

Although our staff and coaches are First Aid/CPR/AED trained.  Yes, a parent must attend all practices and games for safety precautions (This may vary for older age groups). Parents are required to bring the required rescue medications for the child participating.

  • My child just wants to participate in the FREE Homeschool PE program, do we still need to register?

All children and youth participating in YSF programs need to be CYS members and have a current health assessment/sports physical. This program is open to children and youth 6-18 years old.

  • Can my children play outside of their group?

Yes and no.  We promote safe and fair play.  In special circumstances parents have requested that one of their children play down an age group.  In certain situations, playing up or down an age group is allowed but is determined (for safety reasons) on the age and gender of the child.  Please contact YSF for more information as this is on a case to case basis.


Volunteer Coaches

  • I want to be a coach, but when do I begin the process?

We advise that new coaches begin the volunteer process at least a month prior to the start of registration for their desired sport.  Please allow yourself time to complete the necessary background/ training requirements. 

  • I want to be a coach but where do I start?

New coaches complete the volunteer interest form.  Then complete/email PART 1 of the coach’s packet (See Volunteer Coach Section). We take your privacy seriously. Please do not fill in your social security number on the Resume form.

Lastly, a YSF member will contact you and send you PART 2 of the packet and provide more information on training and coaching clinic dates.  Please begin this process at least 1 month prior to your desired sport registration date.

  • Do coaches get discounts and if so, when?

Yes, discounts are given to Head and Assistant coaches during the season.  Be sure to let PCS know that you are coaching for YSF. For more information, call PCS 334.255.1530/9531

  • Can I coach my child?

Yes.  Unless a coach informs YSF otherwise they will be assigned to their child’s team.  Coaches with one than one child will choose which age group they would like to coach. 

  • As a volunteer coach, can I choose my team?

We promote equal and fair play! YSF will randomly assign players to their appropriate team based on their age group.  Parent-coaches will automatically be assigned to their child’s team (unless stated otherwise).  

  • What training is needed to be a coach?

YSF provides FREE training for all of our coaches through NAYS and our Game on Coaching Clinic.  This training is also transferable among military posts. Please see “Training and Volunteer Hours” section for more training information. Also check out the relevant certification section under the "Volunteer Coaching" tab for trainings you may have already completed. 

  • I will not be at this installation long, does this training transfer to other bases?

Yes, we provide our coaches with a range of training, many of which is transferable to other installations.

  • Why do volunteer coaches require so much training?

YSF is a part of the Army family meaning we care about preparing our volunteers and safeguarding their families.  

At YSF our coaches are the backbone of our program.  To provide high quality programming, the Army requires that all coaches receive the necessary training so that they can teach, empower, and support the youth in their care.

  • Why isn’t a sport offered?

While we offer many sports, if there is a sport that you are interested in seeing please contact YSF. We embrace feedback and are always looking for more ways to improve.

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